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Taking posession, of the yard at least.

Sunday, 18 September 2011 16:52 by lauryn

Today Kevin and I spent some time fussing over the landscape at the new house before we spent some time at Wild Rivers. We've been pulling out weeds and dead stuff around the house. Kevin borrowed his parents pole-saw and got the majority of the dead palm frons and berry pods down. Unfortunatly, some of the trees are so tall even a long pole and a tall huband cant reach them! The pool and hot tub are a dream, and with a few more weekends we'll have the planters dialed in too. For some reason, the previous owners planted trees infront of the windows looking out onto the pool, I'm hoping to transplant one very large palm tree to a different planter soon so you can see the backyard from the living room. Perhaps in a few days I'll head back over there...Our landscaping debris pile is quite impressive, we'll need to get a trash can pick-up service ASAP!

No keys yet to actually get in the house, but we're pretty happy just hanging in the yard! The neighbors came over today, they saw us as we were loading up the truck to leave so we showed off the pool so they could see what we've been doing, they were impressed with the improvements. These are the neighbors that have been mowing the grass for us and own a house rabbit. So nice.

Meanwhile, life in Santa Ana couldn't be better. Bacardi even has been out to the front yard a few times to stretch his legs and sit in some grass. He likes sitting under this one rose plant, not much excersizing, but its fresh air at least.

We might get the keys this week, maybe not, either way things are moving along nicely.

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September 19. 2011 12:52

I can't wait to see it. I really wish we were in the position that we could help one another out with projects. You can always still come to see us you know. At this point I recommend waiting to spring though. Smile


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