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Sunday, 20 November 2011 17:23 by lauryn

My glorious HUGE mantel is done. After one set back of cracked seems along the trim, I simply added even more trim and cleaned up some of the lines, it looks WONDERFUL! And in 3 more weeks, the high gloss enamel paint will have cured enough for me to deck it out for christmas. I'm happy to report the whole thing was finished in one weekend, minus the extra few hours it took to fix the cracking joints, and I ended up making only two trips to home depot. I did, also make on trip to OSH, one to Ace, one to Ganahl lumber, and one trip to Lowes for all of the supplies. All of my favorite places to spend my money! And now, $100 dollars and a few hours of work and my living room is ready for decorating, well, it will be when the paint cures.

Today, after church we riped out some of the exsisting storage in the garage. This week we plan on building new shelves in the garage to hold all our tubs and boxes. The demo went ok, but honestly, the people who built the current storage built them like I build things, impossibly hard to destroy. Great for making things last, not so much fun to try to remove. So more demo on tuesday, then hopefully installation on wednesday and thursday. With luck, I'll be organizing my heart out next weekend.

We are also having a small dinner party next sunday. I'm very excitted, Kevins BF and wife and kids, plus my BF and her husband. Tri tip, chocolate cake, hot tub...those are the highlights.

 We are going over to family this year for thanksgiving, so I'm stoked to be planning a big meal for later in the week. In addition to new garage shelves, I think we're getting ready for the great tree removal. Our 75+ foot Liquid Amber tree (it looks SOOOO pretty right now all bright red and orange and yellow!) is needing to go, and I've had a few quotes from companies willing to remove it and haul it away. Currently Kevin is outside snaking our side yard drains that have been plugged by the big tree's roots. Its raining hard, and I think he's trying to keep the water from getting any deeper. We have a pool in the back yard, and a small lake forming in the side yard. If the rain keeps up, perhaps I will get that moat I've always wanted!

And we need gutters. We had gutters in the back yard, but Kevin and his dad removed them this week. Now we are completely gutter free, and its raining. A lot. So tree removal, gutters, garage shelves, and chocolate cake. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!! I am having so much fun with all these house projects, and we are really enoying being closer to family. Kevins dad comes over and helps out, its like having a handy man fairy. We come home from work and things have been done, weeds pulled, trash cans compacted, palm trees relocated...we're very lucky, and very happy.

Bacardi is too. He likes it here. He likes racing a big loop around the living room, he likes neurotically licking the carpet, and staring out the back door, he likes hidding in the planters and eating various plants.

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