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Six months of motherhood, a reflection

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 11:35 by lauryn

Foster baby is over six months old now. We go to the pediatrician on Friday for her vaccines. And today, while the house is still clean from the social worker visit this am, the home made pureed baby food cools on the counter, and the baby naps I feel right now is a perfect time for a little six month reflection session.

Over six months ago I submitted a piece to a friends blog for her guest writing "What I want you to know" series. I wrote it before we had our current foster baby, and today, it was finally posted. So I read it. And my my, things have changed. Its nice to see that slowly, I have become happier, more at ease, with this foster to adopt path for our family.

Of course I have mentioned earlier, that Foster Baby is the easiest baby to care for and she is fitting in wonderfully into our family dynamic. She is joyful, and likes to laugh, but generally quite and reserved around company. She's expressive and makes the best faces. She isn't trusting of strangers, but warms up to them enough to allow some of them to hold her, and the others to smile and laugh with while I hold her. She likes to swim. She likes to eat. And she really insists on sleeping when she is tired. (She sure sounds like my kid!)

It really helps that I can identify with the way Foster Baby acts/feels. I appreaciate her personality and I love that she loves to go for walks and gets cranky when we don't look like we are getting ready to go for our family post-dinner stroll. If I carried her around all day on my back she would be in heaven. At home, we keep her entertained with swings, blankets full of toys strewn about the house, and excersaucers. She self soothes really well and is getting better about entertaining herself for longer periods at a time.

She likes to talk to herself in the car. ( I do too.) And she is facinated by the rabbit. She stares at him all of the time. And she likes the zoo. Her favorite foods (so far) are home made pureed peaches and mashed up fresh avacado. She is a morning person and wakes up happy and ready to play right away. We are very much a like in so many ways.

What is in store for us as a family is still unclear, we have big court dates next month, but adoption, if even posible, is many many months away. Meanwhile, we wake early and happy and enjoy our peaches and pools and play dates...

And I am still working(!), in a GREAT place that has lots of potential in the future to be acomidating for a mom with a school aged kid with specific drop off and pick up times. And yes I already found the private preschool I want to send Foster Baby to. And I am still teaching and working on the house and crafts and party planning....all in all, this has been a rough scary year, but its working out beautifully so far. Now if you excuse me, one of my mommy freinds is here for a play date in the pool with our kiddos. Life is good. God is sovereign.


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August 21. 2013 15:20

where is the link to the other blog?


August 23. 2013 21:38

I miss her.  Bring her back. You guys can come too.


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